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Why Telework?
Benefits of telework (also known as telecommuting or remote work) extend far beyond individual teleworkers and their organizations. Telework not only improves employee retention and work/life balance - it reduces traffic congestion, is an integral part of sustainable communities, and is an effective disaster preparedness strategy.

Why Telework Kitsap?
Telework is not a new concept: many people already work from a remote location - often a home office or a "third place" such as a coffee shop or library. Many large, private-sector organizations have, over the past two decades, established and expanded formal telework programs. Much informal telework also exists.
Small & public sector organizations (major employers in Kitsap County) have been slower to adopt telework: they face different challenges from businesses with 100+ employees.
The resources on this website and on TeleworkToolkit.Com were developed with smaller & public sector organizations in mind.  The positive effects of supporting local Kitsap employers and their work force are felt by our entire community. A growing base of information to start, expand or trouble-shoot telework initiatives and programs is available here, for free.

What We're About:
Cultivating & supporting an active telework community in Kitsap County. Providing a range of resources & tools for current & future generations of teleworking organizations, their employees & IT, HR, & management staff who work with them.

Our Goals:
~ Make Kitsap a model for telework success.
~ Increase the number of Kitsap organizations that invest in
    telework for appropriate staff, and/or as a viable continuity 
    of operations tool.
~ Support those organizations so that their telework efforts
    are a success.  

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Telework Toolkit is a resource for individuals & organizations that want to learn more about telework or start a telework program

Kitsap Telework Pilot Project
The 2008/9 WSDOT funded project, included a 
Report to the State Legislature

Telework Exchange

Sample Telework Tracking Form

Info on workplace flexibility issues.

The official website of the Federal Government's telework program.

Kitsap County Board of County Commissioners' 2012 National Telework Week Resolution